When you’ve been hit by a disaster like flooding, fire, or water damage, time is of the essence. The longer you wait, the more water will soak into your property, and the more soot and ash will start to eat away at your possessions. Don’t wait to start the cleanup process. Emergency Flood Team Glendale is available 24/7 and we arrive within 30 minutes to start cleaning and restoring your home from damage.

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Can’t Cleanup Wait Until Tomorrow?
We understand that emergencies like flooding and fire are stressful. You might just want to go to a hotel to relax and let the cleanup process wait until tomorrow. However, we have seen firsthand what a different even a day’s delay can make.

Water will make its way into virtually any surface it touches. Yes, water can even travel upwards – such as when you have a washing machine overflow on your floor and the water starts to absorb up into your walls! With water damage and flooding, moisture levels will also quickly rise in your home. The moisture can cause problems like making your hardwood floors warp or paint to peel. The worst risk is that mold growth begins in just 24 hours when conditions are right. You might have a spill or flood on your kitchen floor but find that there is damage in your living room the next day from all the excess moisture.

With fires, timing is just as important. Soot and ash are very acidic and can eat away at materials. Within a matter of hours, many surfaces will become permanently discolored. If soot and ash are not neutralized and removed within a matter of days, then your appliances can begin to tarnish.

Don’t wait a second longer to start the cleanup process. Let our certified experts save your property and save you money. Contact us anytime for service within 30 minutes.
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