Even if you have a “rainy day fund,” you probably aren’t eager to spend it on cleaning up after an emergency like a fire or flood. At Emergency Flood Team Glendale, we understand that paying for cleanup services can be as stressful as the emergency itself, which is why we offer direct billing to insurance companies.

Contact us anytime for disaster cleanup services within 30 minutes. Our agents will gladly let you know which insurance companies we work with and can bill directly so you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket!
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Don’t Wait for the Insurance Adjuster to Start Cleanup
You should call your insurance company immediately after a disaster to inform them. However, you should never wait until the adjuster comes to start making temporary repairs. After all, you aren’t going to leave 2 feet of water sitting in your basement for a week until the adjust can come! The faster you begin the cleanup process, the more property you will be able to save and the lower the damages will be. Our technicians have a lot of experience working with insurance companies and know exactly which repairs should be made and how to document the damages before repairs so you can get coverage for them.

Insurance Billing for Water Damage
Water damage is the #1 reason for homeowners insurance claims. Most insurance policies will cover water damage so long as the water originated within the home. So, if you have water damage from a plumbing malfunction such as a burst pipe, then you are likely covered.

Insurance Billing for Flooding
Insurance coverage for flood damage can be a bit confusing. Homeowners insurance policies will typically NOT cover any sort of damages from natural sources (basically any water originating outside of the home or plumbing system), such as storm water. We advise you to be careful about using the word “flood” when talking with your insurance company. If you’ve got 2 feet of water in your basement because of a burst pipe, you might say that your basement is “flooded”. However, insurance companies define flood as from natural sources. Just by saying the word “flood”, your claim may get denied.

Insurance Billing for Fire Damage
Most homeowners insurance policies will cover damages from a fire, both to your home itself and your possessions. You can also be covered for the cost of fire damage cleanup services and restoration, and also for accommodation if your home is uninhabitable during cleanup.

Documenting Damages for an Insurance Claim
Never cleanup or make any repairs until you have documented the damages! Otherwise, it can be difficult to get the insurance company to pay the full price of cleanup services or reimburse you for damages; they will try to claim that the damages didn’t occur or weren’t that great.

Our technicians are trained and knowledgeable of insurance documentation and report standards. We arrive with cameras and can help you make a detailed inventory of all damaged items. We also write reports which account for damages, such as water levels, moisture levels, and the Category of damages. All this is vital for getting you the full reimbursement you are entitled to after a disaster.

Contact us today for immediate disaster cleanup and restoration services. We bill directly to your insurance company so you don’t have to worry about paying for cleanup yourself. Call us anytime. We are here to help 24/7.
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