After the last spark has been put out, the ordeal of a fire is not over. Now, it is time to start dealing with the aftermath of the fire and cleaning up damage. Remember, fire damage goes beyond what you can see with the eyes. There are considerations like soot, ash, toxic fumes, and chemical residues to consider. For these reasons, it is best to call in the professionals for expert fire cleanup ASAP. Our team members are certified and trained to handle all aspects of fire damage cleanup and restoration so your life can get back to normal again.

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How We Can Help After a Fire
• 24/7 emergency fire damage cleanup services
• Residential and commercial fire cleanup
• Site containment
• Securing property and board-up
• Ash, soot and smoke removal
• Fire damage restoration
• Odor removal
• Demolition and debris removal
• Insurance documentation and billing

Call for Professional Fire Damage Cleanup Right Away!
After the fire company gives the all-clear that it is safe for you to reenter your premises, you shouldn’t hesitate to call for professional cleanup services. Many homeowners mistakenly think that they can clean up the fire damage themselves. In cases of small fires, it may be possible to clean up some of the damage yourself. However, the soot, ash and smoke from fires travel well beyond the site of the fire. You might not see that there is ash on the other side of the room, but within a week those walls could start to change color and appliances can begin to tarnish. By calling for professional fire damage cleanup right away, you can reduce the amount of damages and make the cleanup process much less stressful.

How Our Certified Experts Clean Up Fire Damage
Fire damage cleanup is a serious job and we make sure that our technicians have everything needed to handle even the toughest cases. They are highly trained and IICRC certified to clean up fire damage, as well as water damage in cases where water was used to extinguish the flames. Safety is our top priority and we keep our teams safe with respirators, goggles, gloves, and body suits. We care about your safety and will work quickly to contain the damage site so you can go on living in your home, if possible, while cleanup occurs.

Some of the equipment we use to clean up fire damage includes HEPA vacuums and air particle filters, power washers, foggers, steamers, ozone generators, and many cleaners for removing and neutralizing soot and ash.

Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup Services
Fire damage cleanup in commercial businesses is often more complex than residential homes. Commercial businesses may have valuable equipment which needs to be saved, large HVAC systems which must be cleaned out, and hazardous materials and residues. Rest assured that our IICRC teams are familiar with the needs of commercial businesses. We won’t just get your business restored after the fire, but we do it quickly so you can resume businesses before downtime takes a big toll.

What to Do After a Fire
• Contact Insurance Company: If you will be filing a homeowners insurance claim for fire damage, then contact the insurance company right away. You will need to get a copy of the fire report from the fire department. Don’t wait until the insurance adjuster comes to start the cleanup process though. You’ve got to clean up ASAP to prevent further damages!
• Call for Professional Fire Damage Cleanup Services: We are available 24/7 for fire damage cleanup services in Glendale. Don’t wait a second longer than necessary to start cleanup. The faster cleanup begins, the more property we can save.
• Contain the Area and Open Windows: If you can contain the area, then open windows to start allowing the smoke and fire residue to exit. If you cannot contain the area though, do not open windows. The wind could cause soot to blow into unaffected rooms of your home.
• Wear Respirators and Safety Gear: Never enter an area affected by fire without proper safety gear. At the very least, you should have a respirator to prevent inhalation of acidic particles.
• Document the Damage: Before cleanup begins, start taking documentation (photos, lists of damaged items…) of the damage for the insurance claim. If you forget this step, don’t worry. Our experts can document damage for you. Remember to wear safety gear when in the damaged area!

What NOT to Do After a Fire
• Enter the Room without Safety Gear: Don’t underestimate how dangerous soot and ash are to your lungs, eyes, and skin. If you are unsure about safety, then don’t enter the room.
• Move Items Out of the Room: This can just cause soot and ash to get into other areas of your home.
• Vacuum with a Non-HEPA Vacuum: If you try to vacuum soot with a regular vacuum, it will just cause the soot and ash to be blown around your home. Only HEPA vacuums should be used for fire damage cleanup.

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