At Emergency Flood Team Glendale, we understand how much you care about your home and property. We make it our priority to help you save and restore your possessions after a disaster like a flood or fire. With our help, damages can be minimized and the stress of the fire will be over quickly.

Don’t wait to start the restoration process. We are available 24/7 for water and fire damage cleanup services. Contact us now to speak with a friendly agent.
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Flood and Water damage Restoration Services
• Water removal and controlled drying
• Wall and ceiling restoration
• Carpet and rug cleaning and restoration
• Hard surface cleaning and restoration (tile, hardwood floors, concrete, fire places)
• Electronics drying
• Documents and photographs preservation and drying
• Family heirloom restoration
• Sewage removal
• Complete sanitization
• Demolition and disposal
• Damage documentation
• Direct billing to insurance

Fire Damage Restoration Services
• Soot and ash removal
• Deodorization
• Complete structural cleaning
• Carpet cleaning and sanitization
• Air filtration
• Demolition and disposal
• Sealing of painted services
• Damage documentation
• Direct billing to insurance

Restoring Damaged Carpets, Rugs, and Upholstery
These items require professional-grade extraction machines to remove moisture or particles which are trapped deep within the fibers. For water damage, we use steam cleaners as well as biocides if necessary to control mold growth. After treatment, drying must begin immediately with air movers or off-site drying. For fire damage, soot and ash must first be removed with HEPA deep vacuums before hot water extraction can occur.

Restoring Damaged Walls, Ceilings and Floors
Hard surfaces which are damaged by water must be dried from within using injection dry systems, or else mold growth will occur. Some surfaces, such as drywall, are very difficult to dry and we may recommend removing them rather than risking mold contamination. In cases of fire damage, our teams use vacuums that have special attachments to safely agitate soot out of them. Painted walls and some other hard surfaces may need to be sealed over after ash has been neutralized with cleaning products.

Restoring Damaged Documents and Photographs
Our team members can help you preserve badly-damaged documents, such as by taking photos of them. We can often save wet documents by freezing them in your freezer immediately and then using vacuum freezing to safely dry them at our premises.

Restoring Items Damaged By Sewage
When soft or absorbent surfaces have been contaminated by sewage, they should be safely removed and disposed of because of the health risk. Hard surfaces such as wood floors can be disinfected, cleaned, and then sealed over to restore them.

We are Glendale’s leading experts in disaster cleanup and restoration services. Don’t throw away your valuable and prized possessions when you don’t have to! Call us to begin the water or fire damage cleanup process immediately. We are available 24/7 and have a 30-minute response time.
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